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Music theory explained.

In a simple way.

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MusiClock is an invention that helps music students learn scales, chords and intervals in an innovative and rewarding way. Recipient of multiple awards and patents, MusiClock's goal is to help beginners enjoy music without the hassle of music theory. 

How It Works



Scale Disks

Scale Disks are concrete tools for home or classroom use. One colored disk for one scale. 


Mobile App

Mobile App is for improvisation and solos. Includes backing tracks and scale charts. 


Piano Wheel

Piano Wheel helps beginners to learn note names and basics on the piano. Just roll and play!


We're going to build a school...

Join the community!

We are on a mission to create a MusiClock method of teaching music. If you want to be part of our enthusiastic teachers developing new ways of teaching, get in touch! Our values are creativity, listening skills, team work and expression – through music we are giving students new possibilities to learn and grow. Contact us at and become part of an exciting journey!

“MusiClock makes music theory more fun and approachable for children. It transforms scales and chords into a visual, easy-to-grasp form which is a great starting point for music studies.”

Esa-Pekka Salonen,

conductor and composer


“We have one MusiClock in every classroom in our music school. I have used it on my lessons to demonstrate how scales are formed and used. It's easy to quickly show my students what the scale structures are – and do a little recap on music theory as well."

Mikko Antikainen,

music school principal & clarinet teacher

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