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Our Mission

MusiClock was developed to give everybody a chance to be creative. Every music student faces certain challenges when learning to play; what notes to pick, how to make it sound good. MusiClock changes the face of music education and disrupts an old tradition. It shows you visually how music theory functions boosting the learning process significantly. It should be a necessary part of every music student's journey.

The Story

It was a late afternoon in a library, back in 2011. Perttu, a young music student, was getting frustrated with the complex manner how music theory was explained. It seemed unnecessary difficult. But it sparked an idea. Would it be possible to transform the rules of music into something as simple as possible?


Perttu wanted to find a new way to present scales and chords. He lifted his head from a book to check the time. At that moment, he realized something – there are as many musical notes as there are numbers in the clock: 12. He opened his notebook, draw a clock but replaced the numbers with the note names and voila, there was the first MusiClock. 

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